What I’m Listening To: Perla


We’ve moved from Elmo to The Nields to Perla as the never-ending soundtrack of our lives in the Human house. We scored an early release copy of the EP by donating to the Kickstarter campaign that launched the record, so we’ve had this on heavy rotation for weeks, but it’s available now – right here – for digital download (pay what you think is fair!) or 10″ vinyl ($15).

Mike and I both love this record because the electronic music is poppy but substantial, upbeat but with a gritty edge, multilayered but also minimalist. Mike likes “All the Ama” best and I’m partial to the final track, “Dance Malady.”

If our raves aren’t enough, Miles also ADORES this music. In the car he gets mad if I try to switch to another CD, and at home he requests it multiple times a day by pointing to the ipod and saying “Blue. Blue. Blue.” (He has no word for the color white so he describes the album cover as blue.) He seems to like “Robbery” the best and imitates the beat with a “k, k, k” sound. At the end of “Dance Malady” there is a little chime that Miles calls “fishies” for some reason. As musical obsessions go, this one’s pretty enjoyable!

Check out the link to hear “The Bug,” their first single, in its entirety.

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