Infodumping is My Love Language vol. 4


Infodumping* “A 2013 study of 297 college students reported in the Journal of Child and Family Studiesfound that college students with helicopter parents reported significantly higher levels of depression and less satisfaction in life and attributed this diminishment in well-being to a violation of the students’ ‘basic psychological needs for autonomy and competence.’ And a 2014 study from researchers at the University of Colorado–Boulder is the first to correlate a highly structured childhood with less executive function capabilities.” – Kids of Helicopter Parents Are Sputtering Out, by Julie Lythcott-Haims at Slate.

* “If you’re an activist or collective that needs some quick design or visualization work done, but don’t have tons of resources to manage it, these might be useful for you.  They’re also great for those who just want to get their feet wet in design and get used to a few different types of visual vocabularies. ” – 10 Free Design/Visualization Tools (For Activists), at Queer Dark Energy.

* “In a world so swiftly moving towards the acceptance and understanding of the most diverse groups of people, you are one of the open-minded, kind-hearted who dare to believe that we are more than just our diagnoses or our struggles.” – The Neurotypicals’ Guide to Adults With Sensory Processing Disorder, at Everyday Feminism.

* “University of Rochester psychologist Ed Deci, for example, found that teachers who aim to control students’ behavior—rather than helping them control it themselves—undermine the very elements that are essential for motivation: autonomy, a sense of competence, and a capacity to relate to others. This, in turn, means they have a harder time learning self-control, an essential skill for long-term success. Stanford University’s Carol Dweck, a developmental and social psychologist, has demonstrated that even rewards—gold stars and the like—can erode children’s motivation and performance by shifting the focus to what the teacher thinks, rather than the intrinsic rewards of learning.” – What If Everything You Know About Disciplining Kids Was Wrong?, by Katherine Reynolds Lewis at Mother Jones.

* This Is Why I Boycott Autism Speaks by Erin Human. I drew this image for a Boycott Autism Speaks flashblog last week and it’s been the most “viral” post of any kind that I have ever created. Much love to those who shared it.

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