Image is a four panel comic with simply drawn human figures and text. Panel One: Person 1 is gesturing toward themselves and telling Person 2, “Sometimes I feel kinda disconnected from my body.” Panel Two: Person 1 looks down at their own body, where internal organs can be seen, and says: It’s like, all THIS is pretty useful, but it’s not really ME. It’s not like I was born in the WRONG body, but like I was wrongly born into a body at all.” Panel Three: Person 1 looks off in the distance and says, “Like the real ME is one of those cartoon brains floating in a dome and moved about by a robotic machine that I control with my thoughts.” Thought bubbles lead to a cartoon of a smiling brain floating in a robot body. Panel Four: Person 1 gestures toward the other person and asks, “Know what I mean?” Person 2 stares with their mouth agape and only replies, “…”

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