Autistic Resources

Identity First Language. I prefer identity first language (autistic person, I am autistic) over person first language (person with autism, I have autism) as do most autistic people. Further reading on the use of Identity First Language by autistic people:

The Logical Fallacy of Person First Language at Musings of an Aspie.

I Am Disabled: On Identity-First Versus People-First Language at The Body is Not an Apology.

The Significance of Semantics: Person-First Language: Why It Matters at Autistic Hoya.

Identity and Hypocrisy: A Second Argument Against Person-First Language at Autistic Hoya.

I is for Identity First Language at Unstrange Mind.

Autistic Bloggers. Following are some of my favorite autistic bloggers, but this list is forever expanding! If you have any interest in autism, autistic people, disability issues, social justice, or great writing, you should make your way through this list, which is in no particular order.

Neurocosmopolitanism: Nick Walker’s Notes on Neurodiversity, Autism, and Cognitive Liberty.

Radical Neurodivergence Speaking by Neurodivergent K. “When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world, ‘no, you move.'”

Autistic Hoya by Lydia Brown. “The trouble is that once you see it, you can’t unsee it. And once you’ve seen it, keeping quiet, saying nothing, becomes as political an act as speaking out. There is no innocence. Either way, you’re accountable. – Arundhati Roy”

The Invisible Strings by M. Kelter. “Writer, inside cat, social cosmonaut.”

Just Being Me… Who Needs “Normalcy” Anyway? by Morénike. “I am passionate about many things, HIV treatment/research/advocacy, autism and disability awareness, adoption, education, youth, refugees, and community empowerment among them.”

Yes, That Too by Alyssa Hillary. “Alyssa Hillary, an Autistic masters student in math, blogging about life, the universe, and everything, sier life in the specific.”

Autistic Academic by Dani Alexis Ryskamp. “Ryskamp is the managing editor of NeuroQueer. Her academic interests include autism rhetoric, medieval constructions of monstrosity and disability, and poetics.”

Unstrange Mind. “Remapping my world.”

Chavisory’s Notebook. “Chavisory’s Notebook is a chronicle of my continual astonishment with the world.”

Un-boxed Brain. “I am autistic. For most of my life, I have been passing as neurotypical (NT). I was living in the NT box, and I was struggling. Now, it’s time for me to ‘unbox my brain’ and live authentically as an autistic person.”

One Hand Clapping. “Why are autistic people not allowed to be the experts in their own lives? Why is our self-determination secondary to the needs of non-autistic people?”

The Caffeinated Autistic. “Autism, fandoms, parenting, and tea.”

Tiny Grace Notes (Ask an Autistic) by Ibby Grace. “Hi, I’m Ibby. Like Dear Abby with an Eye. Sometimes I answer questions, and sometimes I question answers.”

Musings of an Aspie by Cynthia Kim. “One woman’s thoughts about life on the

Suburban Autistics. “One Autistic family’s patch of suburban sky.”

Non-Speaking Autistic Speaking. “I am a non-speaking Autistic activist, writer and poet. Once said to be less than human, I found my voice and I now make sure I am heard.”

Ask an Autistic by Amythest Schaber. (Not to be confused with Ibby Grace’s blog above, this is a youtube channel where Amythest answers questions, mainly from neurotypicals, about autism from an autistic point of view. She also blogs on Tumblr at Neurowonderful.)

Judy Endow. “Aspects of Autism Translated.”

Emma’s Hope Book. “Living Being Autistic.”

Briannon Lee. “Here you find me at the intersections of my identities and work: queer & disability rights, neurodiversity, unschooling, parenting, social work, advocacy”

Different Kinds of Normal by Michelle Sutton. “Michelle is an Australian writer, counsellor and neurodiversity rights advocate, with a background in education and psychology.”

We Always Liked Picasso Anyway by Lei. “Observations on autism, neurodiversity, disability, and acceptance.”

Giraffe Party by Jennifer. “Giraffe Party was created by an autistic writer named Jennifer, as a way to give non-autistic people insight as to how she processes, why she is the way she is, how to help their kids/students/friends, as well as networking with fellow autistic individuals.”

Shaping Clay by Michael Scott Montje Jr. “You are the text. Start writing.”

Real Social Skills.

Resources for Parents. These are the websites I recommend to anyone parenting an autistic children, whether you are autistic or not. 

Parenting Autistic Children With Love and Acceptance (PACLA). Community blog by autistic and non-autistic parents of autistic children.

Respectfully Connected. Group blog by autistic and non-autistic parents celebrating neurodiversity in families.

We Are Like Your Child. Group blog by autistic adults.

Ollibean. “We’ve spent year compiling the best sources related to parenting empowered children with disabilities and we want to share them.”

Mama Be Good by Brenda Rothman. Brenda Rothman is a writer, speaker, and consultant who advises parents and professionals about the power of relationship.

Autistic Family Collective. “The Autistic Family Collective is a community of families advocating together for acceptance, support, and inclusion for Autistic children in Australia. We are convened by Autistic parents and parents with Autistic children.”

Non-Autistic Bloggers. These are some non-autistics who are neurodivergent and/or raising autistic children, and who I consider true allies.

Thirty Days of Autism by Leah Kelley. “I am a K–12 Special Education Resource Teacher, a parent of an Autistic son, and an experienced primary teacher.”

Raising Rebel Souls by Heather Clark. “Mother to Autistic twins, loving them all the way.”

Facebook Pages to Follow. These pages are great to follow on Facebook for shareable memes and images. 

Bullshit Fairy – Autistic Activist

Boycott Autism Speaks

Ink and Daggers Illustration


Recommended Books. Links go to my reviews of these books on autism and neurodiversity.

The Real Experts ed. Michelle Sutton.

Neurotribes by Steve Silberman.

Nerdy, Shy, and Socially Inappropriate by Cynthia Kim.


Other resources:

Autonomous Press. Autonomous Press (also known as AutPress) is an independent publisher focusing on works about disability, neurodivergence, and the various ways they can intersect with other aspects of identity and lived experience.

Autism Women’s Network. Providing effective supports for Autistic women and girls of all ages through a sense of community, advocacy, and resources.

Stimtastic. Chewable jewelry, stim toys, and fidgets.

Fidgetland. Fidgets for kids and adults.

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